Case Study

Retail Tag And Label System Improves Distribution

Source: SATO America
Retail Tag And Label System Improves Distribution

End user: Japanese Clothing Manufacturer

System: Label software and high performance thermal label and tag printer

Benefits: Easy-to-use label design software and specialty thermal printers offer a more efficient way of labeling and shipping garments and as a result, productivity increases.

Overview: In the apparel industry, distribution to multiple destinations has to be precise and fast.  The customers of a famous clothing manufacturer in Japan asked their department stores and wholesalers to examine their logistics management to try and improve accuracy, and the speed of deliveries.

Issues- Label Overload: The manufacturer was printing in excess of 200,000 tags and labels each day in more than 400 unique designs.  Once printed, the tags and labels needed to be attached to the appropriate garments. Printing shipping labels were also part of the manufacturer’s extensive distribution process. A complete system that was able to transfer information direct from their ACOS/Unisys System in a fast, reliable and manageable manner was needed.

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