Article | August 22, 2018

Retailers Of Any Size Can Use Technology To Create A Top-Tier Shopping Experience

Source: Datalogic

By Nick Tabet and Darrell Owen, Datalogic

Accenture Retail Shopping Survey

Online and in-store shopping have converged, driven by technology that was once only available to industry-leading retail enterprises. Now technology helps retailers of any size create the modern shopping experience customers expect — convenient, fast, and increasingly effortless. Image and vision technology is the key to offering “anytime, anywhere” retail shopping and fast and efficient delivery. 

From grocery to housewares, from one store to thousands, retailers that embrace and deploy technology differentiate themselves from their competition and endear themselves to their customers. Vision and imaging technology delivers these benefits for the enterprise and the customer by accessing more information with higher accuracy in real time. This real-time information enables an effective enterprise with end-to-end supply chain visibility from manufacturing to checkout, operating at peak performance, and delivering on customer expectations.

Vision and imaging technology benefits go beyond the supply chain as well. At the store level, image and vision technology improves inventory management, checkout efficiency, and loss prevention. Shoppers experience these benefits in the form of faster checkout, reduced frustration, and better pricing.     

This first of a five-part series explains how to automate the supply chain using vision and imaging technology. Read all five articles to learn how vision and imaging technology can enhance retail operations to maximize profit and deliver an improved shopping experience.

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