RFID Systems

Source: Datalogic
Datalogic RFID

Datalogic offers a wide range of UHF RFID devices in multiple form factors and various technologies. These devices have been developed to satisfy RFID requirements in many industries and applications including: Retail In-Store (Real-time inventory, RFID Check-out and Security), Warehouse Management (Inventory, Shipping/Receiving manually or automatic) and Healthcare (Tracking and tracing of medicines and blood/specimens).

DLR-BT001 RFID System
The RFID pocket reader with Bluetooth® wireless technology has UHF RFID technology.

DLR-TL001 RFID System
The RFID logger is a low cost, semi-passive UHF logger tag used to monitor temperature sensitive products.

DLR-DK001 RFID System
The RFID desktop reader is a multi-regional UHF RFID device with an integrated antenna for short to medium range applications.

DLR-PR001 RFID System
The DLR-PR001 portal reader is best suited for complex AutoID scenarios where data can be collected and fed directly to the reader from multiple sources such as smart card readers, bar code readers, GPS and other in-field sensors.