Article | October 15, 2012

Rise Of Next-Gen Internet Security For The Merchant

Source: Dell Inc.
Greg Naderi - Dell SonicWALL

By Greg Naderi, Dell SonicWALL

If your merchant bank revealed to you that its recommended stateful firewall could only prevent 31% of malicious network attacks made against your retail stores, would you feel your stores were protected?(1) Would you expect these technologies to help you become Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant? The answers to these questions seem to always come down to, “It depends.” In actuality, the truth may surprise you.

For over a decade, traditional security technologies such as stateful firewalls seemed to do an adequate job of protecting retailers. The security threats merchants faced were not as dire, and stateful technology could adequately protect the majority of merchant traffic. At that time, traffic was defined across 8-10 protocols known to every merchant over the Internet. As a result, the PCI Council, credit card brands, and merchant banks all agreed that stateful firewalls were an appropriate form of protection.

Greg Naderi is the Compliance Officer for Dell SonicWALL

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