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Save 35% To 55% On Your POS Equipment

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

A grocer upgrades its POS with preowned, certified peripherals and maintains manufacturer and service provider warranties.

Integrated Solutions For Retailers, February 2007

Many retailers have tight IT budgets, so hardware and software upgrades are often delayed as long as possible. Additionally, retailers are always in search of ways to stretch the almighty dollar when expenditures are approved. Therefore, retailers such as Food Circus Super Markets, Inc. search for ways to reduce hardware costs. Food Circus is a family owned and operated grocery store that has grown from a corner store to a 10-store chain.

Food Circus used NCR 7000 series POS equipment for a few decades. John Azzolina, VP of finance and IT at Food Circus, originally purchased the NCR 7000 equipment through an NCR dealer. "Back in the mid-1980s, we were contacted by several companies that offered new and used NCR equipment, claiming they could save us money with refurbished equipment," says Azzolina. "We were planning a move of a smaller store to a larger location and adding five registers in the process. Instead of buying new, we bought refurbished registers from Vision Point of Sale." Vision Point of Sale, Inc., a service provider of newly refurbished, certified preowned POS products and new tier-1 POS products, offered its own warranty in addition to NCR's warranty on the refurbished products, as well as a price tag Azzolina thought to be reasonable.

"Whenever we encountered a problem with the equipment purchased through Vision, the company met its guarantee and simply provided us with a new piece of equipment," says Azzolina. Most recently, Azzolina purchased 76 refurbished NCR 7875-2000 scanner scales, and rolled them out to six of his stores. This implementation coincides with Food Circus' replacement of its NCR 7000 POS system with NCR ScanMaster, a project it's completing through another NCR dealer. Food Circus plans to convert its four additional stores in early 2007; the project will include more NCR 7875-2000 scanner scales.

In addition to the NCR scanner scales, Food Circus recently acquired 10 Symbol wireless PDT6846 handheld scanners and 8 Symbol AP 4121 wireless access points through Vision. "These access points allow wireless scales to be used in backroom receiving processes and our scanners to be used for price checks on the sales floor," says Azzolina.

Warranty Protection Comes With Preowned Certified Equipment
Vision reconfigures and reconditions equipment through an extensive process, including three quality checks. It breaks the equipment down to the fundamental parts, then cleans and reassembles each unit prior to resale. It puts its equipment through ultrasonic tanks and pressure blowers to ensure cleanliness and proper working condition.

"If we purchase our POS equipment through NCR, we'll be billed a la carte at list prices," continues Azzolina. "Instead, we purchase newly refurbished, preowned certified equipment from Vision at one-third to one-half of the cost." For example, Food Circus recently purchased scanner scales at approximately $400 per unit. The market price through other dealers and OEMs was approximately $1,000 per unit.

"As soon as the equipment is installed in our stores, NCR provides the balance of the  warranty, and we receive Vision's warranty, which is usually good for one year," states Azzolina. "Additionally, Vision's prices generally drop over time, as equipment becomes older and more plentiful, so we can almost always acquire replacement equipment at a minimal cost."

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