Shoptalk On Building The New Retail Community

The New Retail Community With Anil Aggarwal

IRT spoke with Anil Aggarwal, founder of Shoptalk — a new event that’s getting an incredible amount of industry attention — about what retailers can expect to gain from attending the show. Anil founded Money20/20 (the world’s largest consumer payments event with over 10,000 attendees in just its fourth year) as well as two tech companies with successful exits, including one sold to Google in 2012 for more than $200m. He’s also an angel and venture capital investor.

How is Shoptalk different from the many other retail industry events?

There’s nothing like Shoptalk in the retail industry.

Retail is now squarely a part of a much bigger picture — commerce — that includes all of the ways people discover, shop, and buy their products, services, and experiences.  Shoptalk is the only event that covers this complete picture, which we think retailers need to fully grasp to ensure their customers continue to return to do business with them.

Consumers and their expectations have changed a lot in just the past few years. While some of this change is based on mobile connectivity and generational shifts, much of it is based on the plethora of new technologies and services consumers are being offered by literally thousands of innovative companies — mostly newer ones but also many established ones.

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