News Feature | April 21, 2014

Staples Incorporates 3D Printing In Stores, Saving Customers Time And Money

By Megan Zielinski, contributing writer


Staples recently announced it will be implementing 3D printing services into two major stores, providing business customers with capabilities to design, create, and bring products to life.

Staples will host demonstration areas in the Los Angeles and New York store, featuring six printers along with experts from 3D Systems and trained associates from Staples for guidance. 3D Systems is providing Staples with 3D services that cut cost and time compared to traditional methods, allowing for customers to create real products directly from digital data using materials including, powder, plastic, ceramic, and nylon. Prices are based on the volume of material used in the design. Data of more compound items are sent to 3D Systems Corporation for development and shipped to customer when complete. Staples will also carry 3D printers along with accessories, available for purchase with the most affordable priced at $1,299.

Each store will host a 3DMe® Photobooth, allowing customers to experience 3D Systems consumer cloud-hosting, publishing and fulfillment platform by printing a personalized, realistic 3D facial figurine of themselves. The photobooth serves as an example of benefits provided through 3D printing. “We are committed to democratizing access to the entire 3D printing lifestyle and getting a ‘selfie’ mash up makes getting there easy,” stated Keith Ozar, Director Marketing Consumer Products, 3DS.

Small businesses will now have the opportunity to take advantage of 3D services offered by Staples, saving customers from having to purchase costly machines and parts. Customers bring files in and Staples will take all of the guess work out of the printing process. Recognizing the favorable reputation of Staples as a business committed to serving businesses, 3D Systems viewed Staples to be a qualifying company to test out consumer-faced 3D services. “Staples established reputation as a leader in home office and small business solutions makes them an ideal partner for testing out live, consumer-facing 3D print services,” says Rajeev Kulkarni, 3D Systems’ VP and General Manager for consumer products division.

3D printing technologies is becoming increasingly popular in use among the smallest of businesses to producing high-performance engineered materials for aerospace, medical, and industrializations. The sales of 3D printing services are doubling in billions — estimated $4 billion in 2015 is expected to reach $10.8 billion by 2021. 3D Systems experienced a 155 percent gain in 2013 and an astonishing 845 percent over two years.

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