News Feature | April 15, 2014

SUPERVALU Integrates Stayhealthy's HEALTHCenter Kiosks Into Stores

By Megan Zielinski, contributing writer


SUPERVALU, chain grocery operator of stores including, Cub FOODS, Farm Fresh, HornBacher’s, Shoppers, Shop ‘N Save, and Save-A-Lot, recently implemented Stayhealthy®HealthCENTER Kiosks in six states throughout chain stores.

During times when healthcare is difficult to afford while wellness is crucial, SUPERVALU is demonstrating commitment to its customers’ health through the new, in-store additions. SUPERVALU is now providing customers with the conveniences of free, FDA-approved class II medical devices for the average consumer through self-monitoring, clinical-grade health screenings. Services provided include blood pressure, heart rate monitoring, total body weight (BMI), hydration index, total body composition (body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage), and vision screening. In effort to benefit consumers with busy lifestyles, it only takes 5-8 minutes to run through all screenings, or certain specific tests can be selected instead of taking all.

Customers also have the opportunity to track blood glucose levels by uploading readings through the HealthCENTER Kiosks and allowing to share results with their physician or pharmacist with their consent. “Stayhealthy has partnered with a retailer, in this case, SUPERVALU, which is committed to providing a convenient means to measure, monitor, and improve customers’ overall well-being,” says John Collins, chief executive officer at Stayhealthy.

Customers of SUPERVALU who register at a HealthCENTER Kiosk will receive a user ID and password, enabling them to track and improve upon their screening results online through the Stayhealthy electronic Personalized Health and Fitness Record. Stayhealthy offers tips and helpful medical-based suggestions according to a customer’s personal data, a unique feature that generally would require extensive patient evaluation time. In regards to the availability of the Internet consumer-based program, Collins stated that it is “setting the stage for the future of healthcare in this country.”

After including SUPERVALU to the existing network of Stayhealthy HealthCENTERs, there is now free, public access to Stayhealthy’s provided screenings in over 3,500 locations across the U.S and Canada. Online network is experiencing 2.5 million tests each month, expected to reach 3 million by this summer.

While SUPERVALU is dedicated to improving customers’ overall well-being, incorporating the kiosks in stores is expected to improve company growth. Stayhealthy states that implementation of the HealthCenter Kiosk will drive new and repeat business to retailers, including SUPERVALU chain stores, providing a “sticky” benefit to customers.

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