Article | December 6, 2017

Survey: Merchants Don't Have The Tech Shoppers Want

Source: Cayan

Everywhere you look, something new and exciting is changing the way people shop, dine and go out. And payments is a huge part of that, from pay at the table to mobile wallets and beyond.

These payment revolutions have already made life better for many restaurants and retailers.  Only a few years ago, it was unimaginable for anyone but the largest retailers to have access to a full toolbox of omnichannel solutions; now it’s available to any chain or independent retailer that wants it. Time and again, it’s clear that these solutions simplify checkout, improve insights, and boost the bottom line.

So why aren’t more small to midsized merchants embracing these options?

The Stats Prove It: Consumers Want Better Payment Tech
To find out how both merchants and consumers feel about this new technology, we conducted a survey on the subject. We asked 500 retailers and more than 1,000 consumers how they felt about 6 different aspects of omnichannel capabilities.

There was one clear pattern that showed throughout: consumers love the new technology, and they want more of it. But merchants simply are not adopting these options at the rate consumers want.