News | January 16, 2019

Syte Announces New Visual Search Navigation Tool For Retailers

Tel Aviv, Israel /PRNewswire/ - As consumers make the collective shift towards visuals- Instagram vs Facebook, videos vs articles, emojis vs texts - somehow we are still navigating the most visual industry of all with textual search.

Syte, the visual AI startup best known for powering visual search solutions for Farfetch and Samsung's Bixby, announced today that they are releasing a new Visual Search Navigation tool for retailers which will allow their shoppers to navigate, filter, and search for products entirely through visuals.

Powered by their pre-existing Deep Tagging solution which uses visual AI to assign detailed textual tags to a retailer's inventory using only the product image, Visual Search Navigation will allow shoppers to use animated icons to guide their product navigation. Users can narrow down their search until they are left with a batch of products that match exactly what they were searching for.

As consumer habits and expectations rapidly evolve, retailers are trying to keep up. Syte powers a comprehensive suite of visual AI solutions for retailers aimed at making navigation and inspiration intuitive and fun. In order to survive, retailers need to be proactive, not just reactive, to the needs of their shoppers. By gamifying the browsing experience, Visual Search Navigation will allow shoppers to show, rather than explain, the products they want to see.

"There is a real problem with the way we search for products right now," states Syte Co-founder and CMO, Lihi Pinto Fryman. "Beyond the non-intuitive method of text-based search, many retailers struggle with inconsistent product tagging, making accurate textual search near impossible. What some call a 'smock' blouse others call 'peasant' and the shopper is at a loss for what to search for. But with Deep Tagging, the entire inventory is automatically tagged consistently and accurately on the back end, allowing an easy and fun Visual Search Navigation experience on the front end."

As experience becomes the strongest distinguishing factor among brands, technology's role in retail will only continue to grow.

About Syte:
Syte is a visual AI technology provider that improves retailer's site navigation, product discovery and user experience by powering solutions that engage and convert shoppers. With Syte, retailers can leverage shoppers' inspiration and existing product interest to ensure they present the right products at the right time.

Partnerships with technology innovators such as Microsoft, SAP, Naver and Oracle have established Syte as a leader in the market. Powering the visual search within Samsung and other leading phone manufacturers allows Syte to increase the reach of their retail clients. Brands currently using Syte's technology include Farfetch, Nike, Marks & Spencer, and Bonprix.

Syte has experienced rapid growth since its founding in 2014 and product launch in late 2017. They are represented by their headquarters in Tel Aviv as well as offices in London and Geneva. The company has raised $10 million to date from investors including NHN Ventures, Magma, Naver Corporation, Line Corporation, Reimage Ventures, North Base Media and KDC Ventures.

Source: Syte

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