Magazine Article | November 17, 2011

Taking POS Mobile And Giving It A New 'Image'

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Frank Riso, Motorola Solutions

Armed with mobile devices that put information at their fingertips, shoppers expect store associates to have answers faster than they can type "" into their smartphone. Once they've found what they're looking for, they want to check it out in a store as fast — and with as much ease — as they can online.

Therefore, it isn't surprising to see where retailers are investing for the upcoming year. In the recent Integrated Solutions for Retailers survey, 41.5% of respondents said that they plan to invest in POS software in 2012, making this the top response regarding in-store software and systems investments.

On the hardware side, POS also played a large role in investment decisions. While 34.1% stated that they were continuing to invest in traditional POS hardware, 29.9% indicated mobile POS hardware as a focus area.