News Feature | November 24, 2014

Target Adds In-Store Mapping To App

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Brianna Ahearn, contributing writer

Target App Mapping

Target shoppers can now navigate through their local store using the app's new indoor mapping capability to find what they need.

Target worked with Point Inside's StoreMode technology to create interactive in-store mapping. Point Inside is a technology company that works with retailers to create influenced in-store sales and personalization features with store-branded applications. Target's new version of the app features a shopping list function that connects to the interactive map, where items will be marked with a pin. Consumers will know exactly what aisle number they can visit to complete their shopping.

“Like anything else, we will be refining and fine-tuning. In 2015, we’ll have some additional features and functionality for both lists and maps,” says Target spokesman Eddie Baeb.

Point Inside's webpage highlighting the new partnership with Target also notes that the app features a “type-ahead, auto-complete” that lets guests add items to their shopping lists faster. Guests begin typing in the first few letters of a word such as “mi,” and then the app suggests “milk.” Once they select the option they want, the map displays where the product can be found throughout the store. Target has already released its Black Friday ad, which spans 38 pages. The app update integrates the Black Friday deals the retailer will be offering, and will provide information on deals and doorbuster locations for the sale. App users can see the hours of their store displayed as well.

As stores plan for high profits on Black Friday, Target updating their app is the right move to help customers find exactly what they need. While the map function of the app works only when the customer is actually in the store, the remaining features will store work, such as shopping lists. In addition to the store mapping functions, Target's app has also been updated to complete checkout with Apple Pay. The app may be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple iTunes store at no charge.