Article | January 25, 2019

Technologies That Engineers Must Master This Year

By Ray Parker

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With the beginning of 2019, we have witnessed many interesting technologies that are going to shape the methodology systems are designed in this year.

Keeping this scenario under consideration, let us look at some technologies that engineers must master in this year.

1. Defect Management Tools

Last year, we observed many debugging methods that developers adopted to decrease the defects in the system. The main fact is, debugging methods are the last resort to eliminate defects from an embedded system for this reason company has started adopting defect management tools. The procedures that are followed in the development and design are extremely significant in minimizing the defects. In the past few years, there are various advancements that various embedded developers didn’t take advantage of. These encompass automated testing, unit testing, hardware-loop testing, and continuous integration servers.

2. Cloud Connectivity

Majority of the systems are adding wired or wireless connectivity and streaming loads of data up to the cloud for storage and processing. There are various activities that developers must mark in their calendars just to become familiar with cloud activities. These activities entail: 

  • Create a basic dashboard to inspect data in the cloud and control the device
  • Send and receive data to the cloud
  • Link the embedded system to the cloud
  • Scribble down the device policy in order to connect devices to the cloud
  • Set up public and private keys with a device certificate
  • Setting up a cloud service provider like google cloud and Amazon Web Services.

3. Security

Majority of the devices offer cloud connectivity. However, developers are facing major concern regarding the security of their systems. Although there are numerous hardware technology sets available in the market, the software solutions i.e. cybersecurity testing is expanding at an unexpected rate. Majority of these technologies are just being introduced and 2019 is an amazing year to concentrate on and master security concepts and implement them in your embedded systems.

4. Machine Learning

A major topic of discussion this year is going to be transitioning to machine learning i.e. from cloud to the edge. Machine learning has been a strength to calculate within the cloud. The aptitude to adopt microcontroller-based systems is going to be a game changer. If your technology is actually mature enough at the moment is open to debate, nevertheless, it is a technology that is coming to a microcontroller supported system near year very soon. For this reason, it is a technology that developers are required to begin learning in 2019. Therefore, when it is ready to use and mature enough, developers are ready and not fighting a pluriannual learning curve.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 9 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing with Kualitatem.