Article | March 5, 2021

Technology And The Future Of Retail

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Future Technology

As new technologies emerge, retail and eCommerce businesses have to make tough decisions about what to adopt. But selecting the right technologies can be difficult when there are so many needs in your organization. Inventory has to be managed effectively. Customer support has to be top-notch, and fraud protection has to be airtight.  

What types of technology will help retailers as we move into the future then? Let’s look at 4.

Customer Care: Visual IVR 

In the past, customers were stuck with one of two options for customer support. Either they could reach out to your agents directly, or they could navigate through a traditional IVR (interactive voice response) solution to find answers to their questions. And sometimes, option one would still lead to option two, if they had to work their way through a voice or touch-tone operated menu to reach a customer support agent.  

Today, Visual IVR makes it easy for customers to self-serve frequently asked questions and solve simple problems by guiding them through a visual menu on their screen. They can quickly plug in basic information like a phone number or order number and get details on their order status in seconds. And, if they have multiple questions, they can easily navigate around the menu to find all the information they’re looking for.  

Using Visual IVR, you can both accelerate the customer service process and provide a positive customer experience to anyone looking for support.  

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