White Paper

The Digitally Demanding Consumer: 2016 Consumer Trends Report

Source: Kibo
Digitally Demanding Consumer

2016’s consumer is a digitally savvy shopper who expects to find and receive the products they want, when they want them. To complicate matters further, they’re armed with a slew of digital devices and online resources. As a result, today’s consumer carries no qualms about ditching their brand loyalty in exchange for a better deal or faster shipping.

Research by Kibo examining the attitudes of consumers on both sides of the Atlantic found six-in-ten are prepared to leave retailers unable to fulfill their digital needs. Indeed, only five percent of consumers prefer to avoid digital interaction all together.

In light of this rapidly changing landscape, brand manufacturers and retailers need to utilize advanced technology and develop robust omnichannel strategies that cater to 2016’s digitally demanding consumer.

The message is clear. In this sink or swim market, it is time for retailers to evolve or perish.

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