Magazine Article | February 16, 2016

The Evolution Of The Trading Partner Interface Of The Future: Phase 2

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Kim Zablocky, founder, Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF), Jennifer Beasley, VP, retailer programs, Retail Solutions, Inc. (RSi), and Kevin Harris, director of freight data and marketing, Compliance Networks

March 2016 Innovative Retail Technologies

RSR and RVCF explain how true omni-channel retailing requires time, money, and technology and why predictive analytics and accurate measurement are critical to growth.

The retail industry is struggling to balance the ever-increasing demands of the end consumer with the pressure to control costs and streamline supply chain operations. To overcome these challenges, retailers and merchandise suppliers must knock down internal and external data silos, replace manual processes for updating and sharing data with automation, and use advanced analytics to convert data into measurable business value. While the vast majority of supply chain stakeholders rated collaboration and communication as “important” or “very important” in a survey conducted by the Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) in the summer of 2014, most retail organizations lack the tools and processes required to collaborate and communicate effectively.