White Paper

The Great Disconnect Between LP And IT

Source: Axis Communications
LP and IT

Traditional LP Technologies are being co-opted for use in other activities leading to influencers of buying decisions that would otherwise be purview of LP only.

As LP technologies become IP enabled, several are being co-opted by IT and other business units for other functions beyond just loss prevention. For instance, with CCTV cameras in particular, software is being added for traffic counting, amber alerts, trade promotion compliance and shelf space compliance as well as intelligence on demographics of who they see for marketing purpose.

In this study we set out to get a view of the differences in how these different business units (specifically IT) see these technologies and LP priorities. The demographics show a healthy balance in types of retailers, the size of retailers, and the titles represented.

One thing that is abundantly clear is that the view of these technologies differ greatly based on whether someone works in a cost center like IT and LP vs a profit center such as store operations and marketing. Even amongst LP and IT, they agree on many areas but differ on specific priorities for the same technology.

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