Magazine Article | February 21, 2010

Research & Trends: The Green Restaurant

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Steve Rowen, IHL Services

As the global population continues to increase in size, industrial activity, and overall consumption, the need for more environmentally sound practices is becoming increasingly more evident. This year, we extended our field of study and conducted a report explicitly on restaurant retailers to find out how their green business challenges and opportunities compare. It published Feb. 10 and is available at restaurants? In theory, restaurant retailers have business models similar to general retailers: Both are customer-facing, both survive on predominantly discretionary spending, and both compete against opponents who offer essentially similar products. The intangible aspect — the emotional connection to the brand — is a key component of the customer's decision of where to dine. Does a restaurateur's environmental commitment play a role in that decision? As we found out, restaurant operators who are performing the best believe the answer to be a resounding "yes."

Used with permission from Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine.