Case Study

The Home Depot Improves Forecasting, Optimizes Scheduling, And Improves Customer Service With WFM Solution

Source: Empower Software Solutions
ISR Top 10 Article of 2014

During the 2012 first quarter earning’s call for home improvement giant, The Home Depot, investment analysts expressed interest in the positive operating expenditure data the company reported. The company’s Workforce Management (WFM) solution, by Empower Sofware Solutions, received some of the credit for the uptick.

Marvin Ellison, EVP, US Stores, The Home Depot, commented on the call:

“…we put in a new labor system, scheduling system last year…It was a big undertaking, but it really paid dividends this quarter because we were able to have our labor meet our sales demand and schedule and forecast to that in a more cost efective manner.”

“For the first time, our store managers were able to track their labor versus their sales performance on a daily basis. We have never been able to do that before…”

“…So we made a labor investment based on a the new system and we actually saw improved sales as the numbers reflect, but in addition, we saw improved customer service scores. So we feel good about the process and we feel good about the leverage we were able to create because the leverage was created on top of increased sales and on top of increased customer service scores.”

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