Case Study

The Pro's Closet: Professional Biker Turned Entrepreneur

Source: PayPal
The Pro’s Closet

A professional mountain biker turned entrepreneur, Nick Martin turned passion to profit when he started selling his cycling gear on eBay. In 8 years, The Pro’s Closet has become the largest used cycling store on eBay - enjoying year round sales, no matter the weather - thanks to the ability to sell to cycling enthusiasts all over the world.

From Pro Biker to Pro’s Closet.

While not intending to start a business, Nick Martin became a natural at selling cycling gear online when he decided to sell all his worldly possessions on eBay. A minimalist at heart, he set out to merely clear out his house to create space. At the time, he was living out his VW van for more than a year and riding professionally for Trek/VW’s regional team in Grand Junction, Colorado. Through his sponsors, he was getting a lot of gear for free.

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