Guest Column | August 31, 2021

The Right Management Software Can Increase Retail Customer Loyalty

By Samir Gulati, ServicePower


Forward-thinking retail organizations understand that nurturing the customer experience goes beyond the initial sales engagement. The importance of visibility into the customer journey and the seamless integration with manufacturers are vital to making sure customers have the best experience possible with a brand. As businesses grow, it is critical to not lose sight of each client relationship. By employing customer relationship and field service management software for their business, retailers can better maintain customer loyalty and retention.

Redefine Customer Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can collect all customer records in one place and track data along each step of the customer journey. Complete customer histories, past purchases, and work orders are all accessible to help understand each customer and tailor service to their needs and preferences. Furthermore, businesses can take their customer service to new heights by integrating CRM with field service management (FSM) software to connect operations and reduce the need to duplicate information across different business solutions. CRM, when integrated with FSM software, provides a singular platform for salespeople to channel leads and track product sales to help determine which items are most popular within its various channels. By managing end-to-end customer contact from the initial sale through any site service or maintenance visit, organizations can predict future customer requests and address them early, upsell customers on newer models, and schedule routine maintenance of purchased products to foster an excellent client relationship.

Engage End-Users

By 2023, 60% of all customer service engagements will be delivered via digital or web self-service channels. As client interactions migrate to digital communications, retailers must have an easy-to-use customer portal to conduct business and contact customers. Self-service customer portals allow customers to take control over their service experience and do business on their schedule. Considering that 85% of customer service interactions will start with self-service by 2022, a customer portal integrated with FSM software can act as a solution for strengthening client relationships by allowing the customer to schedule installation, maintenance, and repair, check retailers’ technicians’ whereabouts and status and initiate direct communication. Customer portals are convenient, allowing customers to engage with retailers from any digital device, regardless of time or location. The integration of the portal to the management software allows retailers to conduct business from a single location and informatively guide a customer’s journey based on their complete profile.

Strengthen Interpersonal Connections

Despite the transition to digital customer interactions in day-to-day business, field service technicians are often tasked with establishing a positive customer relationship face-to-face as on-site company representatives. Seventy-six percent of customers have expressed dissatisfaction with field technicians for being unable to resolve a problem on the first visit. However, technicians can leverage the robust information records from FSM and CRM software to glean actionable insights, ensuring that they can provide better service by satisfying the customer’s needs and addressing upcoming problems in one visit. Expanding technician knowledge of specific clients and their purchasing history through software-driven comprehensive customer profiles also allows service visits to become a secondary selling opportunity, exhibiting a retailer’s understanding of each customer and willingness to provide personalized experiences. This interpersonal engagement will maintain customer loyalty and drive revenue growth as 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

Comprehensive data-driven customer profiles help technicians provide better service and surpass client needs. The right management software allows retailers to leverage customer insights for a competitive edge and deliver on customers’ high expectations.

About The Author

Samir Gulati was appointed Chief Marketing and Product Officer at ServicePower in 2017, where he is responsible for all aspects of Marketing and Product Management, including market strategy, product roadmaps, demand generation, product marketing, and corporate marketing. Samir brings over 25 years of experience in global product and marketing leadership roles in technology companies.