White Paper

The Ten Commandments Of Omnichannel Retailing, Revisited

Source: NetSuite

With little exception, the omnichannel retail customer expectation has been established. The nearly ubiquitous access to products and promotions retailers offer through the integration of digital and physical channels has fed the consumer appetite for anytime, anywhere service and channel-agnostic fulfillment.

Unfortunately, at the execution level—when it’s time to satisfy the relationship and fulfill the consumer’s seamless cross-channel desires—many retailers are falling woefully short on the brand promises they’ve made. The inability to demonstrate knowledge of the shopper’s online and mobile activity in stores, failing to recognize a faithful brick-and-mortar customer online, and the disconnect the channel-agnostic shopper feels when you can’t deliver what she wants, when and how she wants it, make those flashy interfaces feel like a façade.

Last December, Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine editor Matt Pillar wrote a creative take on the Ten Commandments, adapted for the modern cross-channel retailer. We liked the premise of the piece, but felt obligated to elaborate a bit on the column. With the magazine’s permission, we took that framework and built it out in this paper to illustrate how a single-platform, cloud-based, omnichannel retail system can help retailers escape the inadequacies of loosely integrated legacy and channel-specific systems.

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