Article | October 5, 2017

To Generalize Or Outsource: A Decision Every ISV Must Make

Source: Cayan
Decision Time: Selecting A CMO Partner With Confidence

When you’re selling to multi-location retailers, the challenges go beyond the point of sale.

The world of retail security, data and payments is growing more complex—all three are blending together in the solutions that your customers expect today. Every ISV has a tough decision to make: They can broaden their focus, or they can keep their attention on their core expertise and partner with a company that helps them in other areas. The two options offer a different set of benefits and challenges.

The Case For Generalization

For ISVs, if you’re prepared to “handle it all,” generalizing and gaining expertise beyond your core POS- development business can be a great path to follow. The most basic reasons why are that you’ll have more control and, if you do it well, you can get a boost to your revenue.

If you’re not outsourcing these areas of the solutions you offer, you’re going to be able to keep all revenue in house. And as you move forward, you can make the necessary adjustments to maintain profits.