News | January 15, 2019

Toshiba Self-Service Technology Enhances Customer Experience At Western Beef

Toshiba’s In-Store Retail Solutions Speeds Up Customer Transactions While Improving Operational Efficiency at High-Volume New York Supermarket

The inclusion of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions in-store retail solutions is improving customer satisfaction at New York supermarket,Western Beef.

The tech innovator’s four Self Checkout System 6 units and four Xsellrate self-service kiosks are quickly producing positive results at two signature Western Beef locations in New York City.

Serving as the store’s express lanes, Toshiba’s Self Checkout System 6 is elevating customer engagement by significantly reducing wait times and providing self-service checkout options for shoppers while improving staff productivity. Nearly 45 percent of the supermarket’s customers are now completing their transactions using Toshiba self-checkout solutions.

This success is prompting the supermarket chain to deploy 20 additional Toshiba self-service systems in five other Western Beef stores across New York in 2019.

Toshiba business partner, STCR, facilitated the agreement and technology integration at Western Beef. STCR system integrators will also assist in implementing Toshiba Self Checkout System 6 units throughout other Western Beef supermarkets while training store personnel to optimize the self-service systems.

Western Beef is also seeing a significant uptick in customer satisfaction – as well as operational efficiency – via the use of Xsellrate. Toshiba’s interactive, self-service kiosk enriches the customer experience by enabling patrons to digitally place a deli order, resume shopping, then pick-up the order upon receiving a text message notification that it’s ready.

Xsellrate also assists Western Beef customers locate other groceries, receive the latest store promotions and access to relevant coupons based on past purchases. Toshiba’s self-service kiosks feature a processing station that store personnel utilize to complete a purchase and order status display for customers.

“The introduction of Toshiba’s interactive self-checkout lanes and self-service kiosks at Western Beef has reduced customer wait times resulting in a significantly improved shopping experience for our patrons,” said Thierry Sarr, Western Beef chief technology officer. “Toshiba’s solutions are increasing customer engagement while also boosting staff productivity.”

“We are thrilled the adoption of our self-service systems is producing definitive results for Western Beef,” said Bill Campbell, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions vice president, head of Americas. “Beyond offering more intuitive and frictionless transactions, our retail solutions are also enhancing operational efficiency while freeing store staff to provide customers with a better shopping experience. This trend continues to transform the industry at a rapid pace as well as our customers’ in-store satisfaction.”

About Western Beef
The Western Beef Supermarket chain is 25 high volume warehouse style supermarkets operating in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

“We know the Neighborhood” isn’t just something we say; since opening our first location over 30 years ago, we have custom tailored our product line to meet the need of every community we serve.

Our newWestern Beef Market Concept is a smaller version of our traditional warehouse style supermarket with a vibrant and colorful farmers market feel. This smaller concept fits everything our customers want in a much smaller footprint that can be found on every other corner in the dense ethnic inner-city neighborhoods of New York City.

About Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
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Source: Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc.