News | January 17, 2017

Tractor Supply Paves The Way For Supply Chain Mobile Power Management Optimization

Source: Global Technology Systems, Inc.

Tractor Supply Co. receives industry acknowledgement for their use of innovative new technology from GTS  

GTS announced today that the  US’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, Tractor Supply Company, was just awarded Innovative Retail Technologies2016 Supply Chain Retailer Innovation Finalist Award. Tractor Supply received this award for their utilization of Global Technology Systems’ (GTS) Test & Replace™ mobile power managed service. The patent-pending service allows retailers, like Tractor Supply, to better manage the mobile batteries that are so critical to their stores’ and fulfillment centers’ daily operations.

Tractor Supply’s use of Test & Replace™ not only improved their mobile power management, but also allowed them to: expand their employee’s productivity, improved their customer service capabilities, meanwhile increasing their profits. This was possible due to the reduced labor costs, diminished mobile device service fees, and decreased staff downtime that were formally caused by “bad” batteries which were hindering their business’ fluidity.

“We couldn’t be happier with Tractor Supply’s recognition from IRT regarding their success using GTS’ Test & Replace™ technology,” said JR Rodrigues, VP of Marketing for GTS. “The Retail Innovation Awards are presented to retailers who demonstrate progressive-thinking and utilize an innovative retail tool to enhance their operations while saving/gaining revenue, and Tractor Supply rightfully deserved this important recognition.”

Like other successful retailers, one of Tractor Supply’s stated missions is to work to continuously improve their company and welcome progressive retail techniques and technologies that enable them to be more efficient, cost-conscious, and advanced within their industry. Test & Replace™ is just one of the many ways Tractor Supply succeeds in retail innovation and they’re certain to be a company to watch for future retail modernizations. For more information on GTS’ Test & Replace™ managed service, please visit:

About Test & Replace™

The innovative GTS Tester and Mobile App allow your staff, or GTS, to easily and efficiently identify, remove, and replace bad batteries right onsite. The cost savings are dramatic and can be demonstrated “live” at a client’s facility in as little as twenty minutes. The demonstration only takes about 20 minutes because each battery can be tested in 3-5 seconds with our unique technology.

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