News | December 9, 2008

Tyco Electronics Introduces The Industry's First Multi-Touch Gestures Technology For Analog Resistive Touchscreens

Tyco Electronics Elo TouchSystems, a global leader in touch technology, has developed a proprietary technology that enables real-time, two-finger gesture recognition on analog resistive touchscreens. The new technology, named Resistive Gestures, provides a richer user experience via intuitive gestures which until now had been possible only with higher-end, costlier technologies such as projected capacitive. Consisting only of an enhanced controller and firmware set, the technology can be quickly integrated into analog resistive touchscreen systems. This new technology allows current resistive technology-based device manufacturers to cost-effectively develop next-generation products with enhanced applications.

In recent years, a performance increase in small form factor electronics has enabled the development of a wide range of mobile devices including smart phones, navigation (GPS — global positioning system), wireless hospitality scanners and others to become more mainstream. These also have been migrating from mechanical input interfaces to touch-based interfaces. Various touch technologies exist that try to enhance the user experience and simplify the functionality of the devices but a large gap remains among them. While analog resistive touch technology provides low cost, low power consumption and multiple input methods, its functionality has been limited to single touch. Projected capacitive on the other hand, provides multi-touch functionality, but at a higher cost, higher power consumption, and finger-only input. To bridge this gap between low cost/low power and multi-touch with multiple input methods, the new Elo Resistive Gestures technology leverages the benefits of analog resistive touchscreens coupled with advanced software algorithms to enable two-finger gestures for multi-media rich devices. The Elo Resistive Gestures technology provides device manufacturers with an alternative to provide virtually the same rich user experience of multi-touch projected capacitive screens at a lower price and with faster integration.

"Elo continues to leverage our leadership and innovation to deliver on our commitment to provide an advantage to touch technology customers," commented Mark Mendenhall, vice president, Tyco Electronics and general manager, Elo TouchSystems. "Our new Resistive Gestures technology will provide mobile touch device makers with a value-added, cost-competitive touch interface alternative."

Elo Resistive Gestures technology supports two-finger zoom and two-finger scrolling, anchor and rotate gestures, plus standard single-finger gestures including pan and flip. Evaluations of the technology are currently underway with various strategic partners and it is also being demonstrated at the Microsoft WinHEC2008 Conference in the Elo TouchSystems booth (#5) December 9-10, 2008, Taipei International Conference Center, Taipei, Taiwan. For more information, please go to the official show website, Companies interested in evaluating the technology are encouraged to contact Elo TouchSystems at (650)361-4817 or submit an on-line request for

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