Article | November 27, 2017

Unified Commerce: An Opportunity For Stores

Source: Cegid

Gone are the days of analog commerce. Today, it’s all about unified commerce and the convergence of sales channels (multichannel, crosschannel, omnichannel…).

In this new model, the point of sale and the people play central roles!

A place of experience, an omnichannel service point or a mini warehouse... the store has become the hub of connected commerce. What's the role of the store and the sales associate today? How can the choice of technology make a difference to your business? Here are some elements to consider.

When technology serves people

In order to be accepted by your team and contribute to productivity, software must be an extension of your staff. Ease-of-use, mobility, robustness and adaptability to new business practices are the requirements for an effective human-machine duo.

No more right clicks! Instead, sales associates only need to "swipe". Nothing is more natural when you're accustomed to a smartphone, but it's proven to be a paradigm shift for software companies. “The time when users looked for software functionalities in a maze of menus is gone. Today, we make sure to suggest them throughout the navigation experience”, confirms Tania Oakey, Director of Retail Marketing at Cegid.