News | May 16, 2024

Walmart Announces Global Launch Of Walmart Luminate

Expanding beyond borders, Walmart's insights solution is set to transform retail strategies and the customer experience in Mexico and Canada.

The retail landscape is experiencing a significant transformation, driven by evolving consumer behaviors in this increasingly omnichannel world. At Walmart, we understand the value of real-time, consistent and flexible data in deriving smarter insights and more personalized offerings for our customers. This is why we embarked on a data analytics journey in 2021 and established Walmart Data Ventures, a division dedicated to bringing to life new business applications of Walmart's powerful first-party data. Our ambition is to enhance the customer experience across the entire value chain through Walmart Luminate, our comprehensive data analytics product suite.

Today, we are announcing a significant milestone: the international expansion of our Walmart Luminate platform beginning with Walmex in Mexico followed by Walmart Canada later this year. Mirroring the strategy used in the U.S., this will be a phased launch, starting with Shopper Behavior followed by Channel Performance and Customer Perception. We couldn't be more excited to extend our innovative retail solutions to these new markets and empower our merchants and suppliers with a shared view of the customer and our products – from the physical to the digital shelf.

At Walmart Data Ventures, our mission is to become a global leader in insights and analytics, and this expansion marks a pivotal moment on that journey. This also presents an incredible opportunity for our multi-market suppliers who will now be able to leverage our platform outside the U.S. and make an even greater impact in these markets.

Since we launched Walmart Luminate, we’ve successfully aided in optimizing retail strategies – from product assortment to product development – leveling the playing field for suppliers of all sizes. Today, 90% of Walmart's largest suppliers have signed up for a Walmart Luminate Charter subscription, and some of our smaller suppliers account for approximately 50% of our total subscriptions.

Through our acquisition of Volt Systems in 2022, we’ve been able to extend our value proposition to store operators and primary service providers by providing on-demand visibility to merchandising resources that help ensure our customers can find the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

"At Kimberly-Clark, Walmart Luminate has played an integral role in our strategy,” said Amanda Coussoule, vice president of sales for Walmart Inc. at Kimberly-Clark. “Walmart Luminate empowers us to tailor our offerings precisely to consumer needs, ensuring unparalleled shopping experiences. Extending this capability to Walmex and Walmart Canada will further enhance our ability to make data-driven decisions.”

What began as a small but dedicated team has evolved into a thriving commercial business with international scale and even more opportunities ahead to create lasting value for our customers. We look forward to sharing more updates on the growth of Walmart Data Ventures, the evolution of Walmart Luminate, and how we’re bringing our brand promise to life in ways that are transforming retail.

Source: Walmart