Case Study

Wendy's Franchisee Reduces Costs With Fingerprint Readers

Source: DigitalPersona / Crossmatch
Fingerprint Readers

Tar Heel Capital is a large Wendy’s restaurant franchisee with over 73 locations and more than 2800 employees throughout North and South Carolina. Prior to the deployment of fingerprint biometrics, swipe cards were used for cash register voids and keypads were used for time and attendance tracking. These methods resulted in fictitious voids and time clock fraud.


Wendy’s franchisee owner, Tar Heel Capital, was challenged with controlling cash register shrink and inflated payroll costs. Like many quick service restaurant operators, Tar Heel Capital used swipe cards for manager voids and overrides, but these cards were easily shared and therefore did not provide transaction accountability.

Keypads were used for time and attendance tracking. However, this led to employees clocking in for each other, resulting in payroll fraud and increased operational costs.

The IT Department was burdened with frequently replacing lost or forgotten cards. This disrupted the flow of business and increased IT costs.