Magazine Article | October 24, 2011

Where Mobile Really Matters

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Matt Pillar, Editor In Chief, Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine

I keep writing it, and I keep saying it: mobile access to enterprise CRM (customer relationship management) and inventory data is (or, would be) incredibly powerful in the hands of store associates. In fact, I can't think of a more tangible, you-can-do-itright- now sales enabler. Personal service, right down to intimate face-to-face knowledge of purchase history and the ability to transfer or ship specific merchandise from anywhere to anywhere, is a killer, differentiating, sales-saving combination. Throw in mobile access to detailed product information, and your customers have no reason (with the exception of price, another discussion altogether) to leave your store. In fact, they have reason to come, to stay, and to buy.