Which WAN Is Right For Your Business?

Source: EarthLink
WAN Solutions for Business

Businesses with operations distributed across multiple, geographically dispersed locations have an increasingly critical need for virtual private networks to interconnect their locations.  Most choose between the two most common types of IP-based VPNs: IPsec and MPLS. Other options include private line and metro Ethernet.

Which is the best choice for a given business depends on its requirements for scalability, availability, quality of service (QoS), and network security. Because of differences in their architectures, the two VPN options support these requirements in different ways and to varying degrees. Making the best choice requires matching performance to business needs.

Join Mike Frane, Director of Network Services Product Management and Skeeter Harris, EarthLink’s Social Media Manager for an interactive discussion on WAN Technologies and how to determine which is the right WAN technology for your business.

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