From The Editor | July 22, 2015

Why SMRs Compete On Service


By Erin Harris, editor-in-chief

Retail SMR Service

Why do SMRs compete on service? Because they have to. If you’re a small to midsize retailer, you probably can’t compete with the big boxes on product and price, but you can compete (and win) on service. Yet, service goes beyond the knowledgeable, friendly associate, a user-friendly e-commerce site, and call center known for its speedy problem solving capabilities. Immense amounts of valuable data are available to SMRs that can help them better understand their best customers and better understand why they’re unable to drive others to conversion.

Data analytics is not just for the big retailers. Affordable BI (business intelligence) software solutions exist for even the smallest of retailers with the leanest of IT shops. Not only can these solutions rid an SMR’s world of messy spreadsheets and disparate systems, they provide real-time metrics that help them make informed decisions.

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