Article | January 11, 2018

Why The Future Of Retail Lies In Evolving Technology

Source: Cayan
 How To Future-Proof Your Business

The future of retail belongs to those who reinvent their customer experience.

It’s a belief that’s been borne out as true by the events of recent years, especially 2017. Research shows that in 2017, a year many in the media pessimistically dubbed the “retail apocalypse,” companies that embraced the latest technology and evolved with the new era in retail saw unprecedented success. They used a unified commerce approach to reach new levels in their business—showing the that the common wisdom about the direction of retail is not the real story.

Why The Future Is Effortless

Companies of any size can succeed in today’s retail environment as long as they commit to reinventing their customer experience. And this includes focusing on the lynchpin of a modern unified commerce customer experience: Effortlessness. Customers need the freedom to shop with a merchant across all channels, and they need to be able to do it easily. They want merchants to use technology that brings together every aspect of the shopping journey.