Article | August 21, 2017

Why You Should Embrace Dynamic Video Remarketing

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By Sarah Nochimowski, marketing director, Treepodia

Big brother is watching. When consumers view a product online they will see that very same product appear in various places across the internet. When this happens through video it is referred to as dynamic video remarketing.

The Many Benefits Of Dynamic Video Remarketing
Only video can achieve the following marketing goals, especially when combined with dynamic video remarketing. Here is an example of a banner ad that supports all of the points below that make up the essence of dynamic video remarketing:

  • Brand Storytelling
    People talk about brand awareness and brand knowledge. Are those enough for the retail industry? Probably not. Brand storytelling covers the entire customer sales funnel by propelling the process forward through a good brand story.

    When you retarget the brand story through dynamic video remarketing, the video follows the user around the internet and provides a personal connection to the product on a deeper level than a static ad. As in the jewelry ad listed above, the consumer has already shown interest in the ring and when this video banner ad starts playing on various websites the consumer visits, it becomes part of a story — their personal story.

    Retail is about products people buy because of the way they feel about them. If they buy clothes it can be tied to a special event, a date, a new job, or just to feel good in a new outfit. Consumers purchase all kinds of items from different aspects of the retail industry, but the reason why they buy is always because of the “story” a brand represents to the consumer. The brand story must be told and dynamic video remarketing is the best way to do so.

  • Engagement
    Brand storytelling creates engagement and interest, especially through video. It creates a personal relationship with consumers. As consumers notice this beautiful ring in the video ad playing in a video loop around the internet — the same ring that they admired on the company’s website — it is pretty hard for them not to notice and glance at the brief video. With pre-roll YouTube ads, for example, personalized pre-rolls are viewed 47 percent more than generic ones.
  • Sales
    As consumers are more engaged through a company’s brand story, they are subconsciously persuaded to purchase through the power of video and video dynamic remarketing. As they start to relate to your company’s brand story, and see videos of products that intrigue them, they are likely to purchase, repurchase, and share the video ads with their social networks. All of this leads to increased sales.

    Treepodia’s research team published results from their client campaigns which reveal dynamic video retargeting outperforms traditional retargeting with average industry increases of 74 percent in CTR and 49 percent in ROI.

Best Practices Used In The Video Banner Ad

  • Brevity Is Key
    Keep your message short and to the point. Video banners shouldn’t last more than 15 seconds, pre-rolls can be a little longer (30-40 seconds). The main message should be communicated within the first 5 seconds, just as the Allurez jewelry banner ad communicates a powerful message, with minimal text, and in just a few seconds.
  • Offer A Discount Or Promotion
    The fastest and most effective way to boost your sales is to offer a discount or a promotion that will kick start sales. As you see in our example, it is easy to add a promotion without cluttering up the ad. As people buy your product through these sales they will spread the word and come back for more good deals.
  • Include A Call To Action
    This partially relates to the discount or promotion tip above because a call-to-action could be to redeem a coupon. However, a call-to-action is more than just about making a purchase. If you have a newsletter that shows the latest sales, or you want to have the emails of all of your clients, then getting then to leave their email could be an important call-to-action for your brand specifically.
  • Make A/B Testing Part Of Your Strategy
    Retarget with a video of a product that was viewed, or with a selection of products or best sellers. It is advisable to A/B test all of the platforms you used such as Facebook, AdWords and YouTube. Google Analytics is another great tool to use and to compare your new campaigns to your old ones.

Combining the right technology for marketing and sales success is not just for the high-tech world anymore. Video combined with the right technology and marketing expertise creates such powerful results for all industries — especially in retail. In fact, 73 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after first watching a video. When you add video to dynamic remarketing you have created a new way of life for your retail consumers.

Dynamic video remarketing is a great solution for the retail industry, especially since retail is such a visual industry, yet one requiring precise and interactive personalization.