Case Study

Wireless Retailer Optimizes Business, Reduces Loss With Unified Approach To Security

Source: Next Level Security Systems
Next Level Security Systems

By Peter Jankowski, Chairman and CEO, Next Level Security Systems.

DreamlineWireless is a boutique wireless communications retailer located in Carlsbad, Calif. A reseller of Verizon products, Dreamline is focused on providing its customers with world-class customer service along with technically advanced and innovative products that are the right fit for their lifestyle.

Like other small retailers, Dreamline is committed to controlling shrink. Its primary challenges are, most predominately, shoplifting and employee theft. Store owner Howard Kirshner was interested in deploying a technology solution that would enable him to gather more information regarding loss incidents and help him monitor employee-customer interaction both in-store and remotely. Furthermore, because of the popularity and frequent theft attempts on mobile phones, Dreamline Wireless sought out a video solution that would provide the utmost in protection for the company’s valuable inventory, and enhance the safety of their employees and customers.

As a small business owner with no full-time security staff, Kirshner also required a solution that was easy-to-use and most importantly, cost effective. Any system would have to be user friendly and easy to install to reduce deployment costs. He evaluated a number of systems that proposed to meet his stringent needs but only one platform, the NLSS Gateway from Next Level Security Systems, provided immediate value and long-term expansion possibilities.

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