Retalon is a leading provider of Retail Predictive Analytics solutions for retailers.

Since 2002 we've worked with retailers from over a dozen verticals and won several industry awards for retail technology and supply chain innovation.

Planning Solutions

  • Financial Planning
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Store Planning
  • In-Store and Pre-Season
  • Open-to-Buy

Pricing & Promotions

  • Price Optimization
  • Dynamic Price Management
  • Markdown Optimization
  • Events & Promotions

Inventory Management

  • Optimal Purchaser
  • Smart Allocation
  • Auto-Replenishment
  • Inter-Store Inventory Balancing
  • Micro-Merchandising
  • Safety Stock Optimizing


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From inception, Retalon solutions were built on one unified analytic platform to account for all influencing factors. As a result, we can achieve higher accuracy and have the ability to optimize unique and complex supply chain processes. Our predictive analytics technology empowers retailers with advanced insights that uncover hidden opportunities, and significantly increase bottom and top lines.

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