Retail Industry Videos

  1. Retail Point Of Sale Software

    What is a point of sale system? ChainDrive POS is a dynamic, feature rich, revolutionary and intelligent Retail Point of Sale System.

  2. Machine Learning’s Effect On Retail

    Listen in as Molham Aref, CEO and Kevin Sterneckert, Executive VP of Marketing at Predictix talk to Innovative Retail Technologies’ Editor in Chief, Erin Harris, about how machine learning is used in retail and how it improves merchandising and supply chain operations. During this insightful podcast, Aref and Sterneckert define machine learning and outline the benefits for retailers who adopt it to improve the decision-making process.

  3. Delhaize-StorePulse®: Real-Time Execution

    Listen to Jim Walton, Business Relationship Manager at Delhaize America discuss what he believes will be the benefit of implementing Reflexis StorePulse®. He discusses how the Real-Time system can integrate with various technologies and systems, and drive benefits from integrating with Task and Workforce Management, dealing with employee call-outs, and realigning labor because of late truck arrivals.

  4. A Closer Look At Delhaize's Experience With Reflexis

    Listen in as Jim Walton, Business Relationship Manager at Delhaize America describes the store execution challenges their organization faced, how rolling out Reflexis solutions improved their compliance rates, and also how they reached a 10 basis point improvement in shrink, among other ROI.

  5. A Closer Look At Belk’s ROI With Reflexis

    Hear from Eric Bass, SVP of Staffing and Productivity at Belk on the ROI they’ve seen using Reflexis solutions including: an 80 basis point improvement in sales, $5 million a year reduction in payroll savings, and a 100 basis point improvement in customer service scores.

  6. A Closer Look At Belk’s Business Benefits With Reflexis

    Hear from Eric Bass, SVP of Staffing and Productivity at Belk on how Reflexis solutions reduce payroll costs, improve associate engagement scores, and put store managers back on the floor by reducing schedule generation time from 40 hours to 2 hours a month.

  7. A Closer Look At 24 Hour Fitness's Experience With Reflexis

    Listen in as Summer Westerfield, Project Manager of Business Systems at 24 Hour Fitness describes why her company chose Reflexis and how the solutions they implemented were able to consolidate and centralize corporate communications to improve business processes.

  8. Dick’s Sporting Goods - A Closer Look: The Reflexis Choice

    Hear from Maureen Connors-McBride, Store Communications Project Manager for Dick’s Sporting Goods as she tells us how Reflexis solutions were able to give them the power to gatekeep tasks for corporate, prioritize projects, spend more time with the customer, and increase compliance within stores.

  9. Zebra Technologies: No Hassle Payment Solutions

    Enable your customers to easily check out with our newest device, the PD40. Take a look at all of Zebra Technologies Android based products and learn how they can give your customers a superior shopping experience. Visit for more information.

  10. Customer Engagement Business Models For SMRs

    From evangelizing social media and the importance of a great mobile experience to e-commerce and staying connected in your local community, Craig McCollum, Executive Vice President of the Americas for Epicor, talks to Erin Harris, Editor in Chief at Innovative Retail Technologies, about the things small to midsize retailers (SMRs) must do to enhance customer engagement.