Articles by Brianna Ahearn

  1. Starbucks Expands Mobile Order And Pay Option

    Starbucks customers may often confront frequent lines at their local location, but the retailer is trying to alleviate this with technology. Starbucks has routinely added new technology options including Apple Pay via the Starbucks mobile app, but now they're expanding the option to three more states.

  2. 7-11 Launches Mobile Updates, Bill Pay

    Popular convenience store chain 7-11 has just launched their own mobile rewards app to help consumers find more ways to get rewarded for the purchases they make every day at 7-11. In a press release issued on March 9, 7-11 announced the arrival of 7Rewards, a loyalty program that rewards customers with free beverages after a certain number is purchased. 7-11 is known for its beverage selections, including the famous Big Gulp Slurpee, and that's one reason the retailer wanted to rewarded their customers' loyalty with free drinks.

  3. Subway Tests Loyalty Program Through Wi-Fi

    Subway, the sub sandwich chain with over 46,000 locations throughout the world, has launched a new test of its loyalty program connected to its Wi-Fi. A partnership with Turnstyle Solutions, a location-based mobile marketing company, is currently rewarding loyal Subway customers with a free sandwich in select stores in Northern Ontario. Subway shared the announcement via a press release on The Point of Sale News website.

  4. Target Plans Big Digital Push for 2015

    On March 3, Target Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell presented his plans to improve Target's business in a two-hour meeting with investors. Cornell and the company are calling the plans “a roadmap to transform business,” and the strategies continuing to be more guest-focused, prioritizing certain merchandise categories, and taking a channel-agnostic approach for Target customers.

  5. 2015’s Store Closing Mark Opportunities In Technology, Digital Initiatives

    The year 2014 marked a series of security breaches, with retailers in a variety of categories affected, and as we enter into the second week of March, it seems 2015 is the year of store closings.

  6. Neiman Marcus Unveils Mobile Wallet

    In the midst of many retailers signing on to take Apple Pay, luxury retailer Neiman Marcus has decided to go its own way. The company recently announced their new mobile wallet, exclusively available within the Neiman Marcus app for Apple iPhone users.

  7. Amazon Files Patent For 3D Printers In Delivery Trucks

    Amazon was stopped from launching its drone delivery plans, a program known as Prime Air, after the FCC proposed new drone regulations. However, the retailer is undaunted, and is going after a new way to cut down delivery times, streamline the order fulfillment process, and reduce warehouse space.

  8. Ace Tests Same-Day Delivery In 33 Stores

    Same-day delivery has increased in popularity with retailers throughout different industry categories, with retailers such as Macy's testing the service. Hardware retailer Ace Hardware has now been added to the list, as the company is in the midst of testing same-day delivery in select markets for purchases made on

  9. J.C. Penney Brings Back Its Print Catalog

    The 1980s and the 1990s saw the department store catalog in its golden days, however, digital soon replaced a large number of retailers' paper catalogs, in particular from J.C. Penney.

  10. Nordstrom Plans To Spend $1.2 Billion On E-commerce, Stores in 2015

    Luxury goods and fashion retailer Nordstrom has never shied away from technology, and one of its most recent moves was partnering with eBay to develop “smart fitting rooms” to bridge the gap between digital and in-store shopping.