Articles By Erin Harris

  1. Closed-Loop Alerting, Surveys Drive Better Customer Experiences At Tommy Bahama

    The lifestyle retailer’s new customer experience management (CEM) tool reduced feedback response time from nearly seven days to within 24 hours.

  2. Privacy, Security, And The Internet Of Things

    Adopting an effective data-centric security model and applying the appropriate technologies for each security control are the only way forward. No single technology will provide the silver bullet.

  3. Getting Innovative With Innovation At #NRF15

    If I had a dollar for every time I heard some form of the word innovation at this year’s NRF BIG Show, I’d be lounging in some tropical paradise sipping the local libation instead of writing about a renewed appreciation for what’s possible in retail. Innovation was a key theme from this year’s BIG Show, and rightfully so. Hurdles are imminent (e.g. EMV adoption), but there are plenty of operational upgrades and retail technologies that can help drive the customer experience. How so? In a word — innovation.

  4. Inside Super Saturday 2015: Innovation And Hope

    I had the pleasure to attend Retail ROI (Retail Orphan Initiative) Super Saturday, and as always, the event was as informative as it was humbling. Celebrating its sixth year, Super Saturday brought together retail’s most prominent thinkers for revealing discussions on store operations, data security, innovation in retail, best practices, and more, all to help change the world for children.

  5. Moving The Industry Forward: Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

    Supply chains are getting longer yet faster. Enhanced inventory visibility techniques will ultimately allow retailers to address the speed factor.

  6. Managed Network Services Optimize Store Ops

    By integrating voice and data services on a managed network, Anna’s Linens efficiently handles changes and benefits from a single platform and simplified management.

  7. Big Benefits In Warehouse Automation

    BHFO moved to a warehouse more than double the size of the original to accommodate orders and turned to warehouse automation to increase pick speed and accuracy.

  8. Retail Management Integration Drives Customer Experience Success

    National Roper’s Supply launched its new retail management system at a major industry event and generated nearly 12 months of sales in seven days.

  9. Apple Pay A Black Friday Bust?

    Last week, released an article discussing the findings of InfoScout’s survey, which polled more than 400 iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ owners about their use of Apple Pay on Black Friday. The survey uncovered that only 4.6 percent of those who had the Apple Pay-enabled devices actually used them to pay for their purchases. InfoScout asked the 95.4 percent of those who didn’t pay with Apple Pay about their reasons for not doing so.

  10. Black Friday Basics: Workforce Matters Most

    CivicScience recently produced a holiday shopping report that segments consumers on when they will begin their holiday shopping. In the recent poll, CivicScience asked 9,229 consumers the following question: When it comes to shopping during the winter holidays, what best described you?