Articles By Erin Harris

  1. Traffic Counts At PetSmart

    How PetSmart improves the customer’s in-store experience by syncing traffic with labor scheduling.

  2. ICYMI: Consumer Expectations Soar: What Does It Mean For Retailers?

    In case you missed it, IRT recently hosted a webinar, Consumer Expectations Soar: What Does It Mean For Retailers?, featuring Jim Bengier, chief customer officer at Bridge Solutions Group and John Stelzer, senior omni-channel strategist at IBM about how retailers are meeting consumers’ expectations. The webinar was insightful and packed with some pretty alarming stats.

  3. Active Shooters: Are You Prepared?

    Last month, I attended NRF Protect. The show was held in my stomping grounds of Philadelphia, and as usual, the show was packed with solid sessions and an Expo floor filled with technologies that, quite frankly, aid the entire organization. I attend the show every year, and I always leave with actionable insights to bring back to our readers. But this year I exited the Convention Center feeling exceptionally informed, largely because of one single session — a session centered on the importance of training and practical planning should an active shooter enter the premises.

  4. Timely Retail Topics: Mobile SaaS, Commerce-As-A-Service, Fulfillment

    Innovative Retail Technologies is a full-scale media resource dedicated to helping retailers make informed decisions about pragmatic innovative retail technologies, and we deliver content via a wide range of formats.

  5. Big Benefits In Mobile SaaS

    Not only does mobile SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) empower the retail workforce, it also saves money and improves the customer experience. Listen to this Innovative Retail Technologies podcast as GoSpotCheck's CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Talbot, explains how.

  6. Unprepared For Mobile Commerce

    I’ve spent a lot of time on the road over the past several weeks attending various industry events, and one of the major topics discussed at all of them has been the evolving role of personalization in omni-channel retailing.

  7. ERP Relief For Stores On Wheels

    To gain access to automated, real-time replenishment data, Mister Safety Shoes underwent a full-scale ERP overhaul that helped its mobile stores deliver the best possible customer experience.

  8. Shoptalk 2016: Believe The Hype

    In the weeks leading up to Shoptalk, “the nextgen commerce event” held in Vegas last month, it seemed as though not a day went by without receiving an electronic update announcing the newest big-name company to join the impressive and ever-growing speaker lineup. Like many people who attended Shoptalk’s inaugural event, I had high expectations for the show based on, well, hype. After all, Shoptalk’s creators are the minds behind the Money 20/20 juggernaut, so I was excited to see for myself the show that promised to deliver what nextgen commerce actually means for the retail industry and the customer experience.

  9. Miya Knights On The Digitally Enabled Shopping Journey

    Every year, Innovative Retail Technologies publishes our Mobility Special Report, which takes a deep dive into the state of mobility in retail. In 2015, we partnered with Miya Knights, global research technology director at Planet Retail for our Mobility Special Report, in which she penned compelling content explaining why retailers must put the shopping journey and its delivery via mobile at the forefront of customer-facing strategic initiatives.

  10. The Dandy Lab Brings IoT, Innovation In-Store

    By marrying traditional retail and interactive, innovative technologies, The Dandy Lab delivers a useful, memorable customer experience that’s redefining the industry.