Articles By Erin Harris

  1. Introducing Innovative Retail Technologies

    This will be the last issue of Integrated Solutions For Retailers to hit your mailbox. Starting with our next issue, September/October, you will receive Innovative Retail Technologies.

  2. BCBG Enhances Its Omni-Channel Strategy

    Here’s how a leading fashion retailer relies on a cloud-based enterprise commerce solution to improve the in-store experience and drive its overall omni-channel strategy.

  3. Overcoming The Overwhelming In Mobile Retailing

    Deloitte’s annual report, Global Powers of Retailing, focuses this year’s theme on innovation. The report takes a deep dive into how retailers are using innovations to address the various changes impacting their businesses. Not surprisingly, one of the top five trends discussed in the report is the proliferation of mobile retailing. Indeed, Deloitte reports a projected 65% of the global population will be using a mobile phone in 2015 and an estimated 83% of Internet usage will be through handheld devices, and that mobile payments and location-based marketing will play a larger role in the coming year. As such, retailers are taking actions to accommodate the customer’s affinity for mobile.

  4. Considering The Next Generation Of Consumers

    According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, there are 80 million plus Millennials (the largest cohort size in history). Millennials are never far away from their next text, with 80% sleeping with their mobile phone next to the bed. We’ve written quite a bit about what it means to cater to the Millennial shopper.

  5. SuiteWorld 2015: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted

    That was one of the main tenets of NetSuite’s SuiteWorld event held recently in San Jose. Fresh off its Bronto acquisition announcement, NetSuite released additional big news at the show, including its newest customers, American Express Global Travel and Qlik. 

  6. Fail Fast, Fail Cheap

    There are three indisputable facts about the Retail industry.

  7. Defining Innovation With The Customer Experience

    Dave Finnegan is one of the retail industry’s best and brightest CIOs, as he’s known for his technical and business acumen as well as his appreciation for innovation.

  8. Automation Key For The Omni-Channel SMR

    An inventory and order management system helped a specialty retailer automate its processes and strengthen its mom-and-pop personal appeal.

  9. Order Fulfillment Meets Personalization

    Adore Me grew its revenue more than 300% in 2014, in part from the help of its new distribution and logistics provider.

  10. Start-Ups: Bringing Innovation To Retail

    Seasoned, traditional solutions providers, beware. As part of their omni-channel offering, retailers are implementing innovative technologies developed by start-ups to deliver a streamlined customer experience.