ASIS Retail Council Series

  1. Active Shooter - Common Sense And A Senseless World

    Until recently I didn’t give much thought to the topic of “active shooter.” In truth, the idea of a lengthy conversation seemed unnecessary. It appeared an investment in a discussion that pertained to a rare occurrence in the retail environment.

  2. Loss Prevention And The Holidays

    It is that time of the year! Black Friday begins the maddening rush of shoppers focused on grabbing those all important sale items to wrap and joyfully relish as they are opened and appreciated by friends and family.

  3. Managing Management During Investigations

    Managing a business is a very personal experience which engenders many emotions conflicting with the investigation of workplace issues.  Being aware of the consequences of these emotions can help manage the pace and outcome of the inquiry.

  4. Panera Bread's LP Approach — Eliminate Temptation And Opportunity

    We have seen the role of the loss prevention (LP) professional change from one of “company police” to an integral part of a successful business. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Levitt, LPC, CPP, asset protection with Panera Bread, to discuss how he is handling the evolving role of LP professional.

  5. Is Ronnie Working In Your Company?

    Your institution houses private information for your clients, but what would happen if that information fell into the wrong hands? An information breach not only affects the clients whose information is leaked, but diminishes the integrity of your institution. What should you do to minimize or even prevent the probability that a breach will occur at your business?

  6. LP Professionals — The Next Step

    Everything we do as retail loss prevention and security professionals is focused on reducing loss and increasing profits. So when we have the opportunity to speak with our C-level folks in the organization about our proposed projects and expenditures, we need to talk in the language of business, not security, and demonstrate how our initiative will increase sales and reduce labor, create synergies and efficiencies, improve the customer experience, raise associate morale, and create a sustainable contribution to the bottom line.

  7. The Art Of The Customer

    Buy, buy, buy. That is normally the expectation of a customer in our consumption based society right? But, shouldn’t there be more to the role of a customer? Isn’t part of what a customer does is to drive the product they consume forward? Challenge the development of a product, or even make a producer/supplier/vendor a better organization to work with every day?

  8. An Introduction To The ASIS Retail Council

    ASIS International was founded in 1955 and currently is worldwide leader among security organizations for security professionals, with over 38,000 active members worldwide.

  9. LP/Security: ASIS Enables Cross-Industry Collaboration

    Leading retail LP/security execs are on deck to share insight on the value of networking with security pros in other industries, the next big ideas in retail, and their membership on the ASIS Retail Loss Prevention Council.