Retail IT White Papers

  1. Fighting Return Fraud

    It's after Christmas and consumers are lined up at stores to return merchandise- the scratchy sweater from Aunt Helen, the toaster oven that doesn't fit on the counter. But not all returns are legitimate and return fraud costs Retailers billions of dollars every year- $8.9 billion dollars according to the 2012 Return Fraud survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

  2. Maximizing Your Operation With High Ribbon Capacity Printers

    Many consumers are unaware of the variety of label and ribbon roll sizes for thermal printers.The maximum label and ribbon capacities are important specs when selecting a printer. This white paper will identify the benefits of thermal printers engineered to handle larger rolls, including the financial and operational efficiencies.

  3. RFID: Moving From Manual To Automated

    As companies become increasingly aware of the liabilities and frustrations inherent in manually affixing RFID labels, commonly called “slap and ship,” they are investigating a transition to automated RFID tagging. By SATO America

  4. Thermal Transfer Vs. Direct Thermal Printing: Five Key Considerations
    This easy-to-understand white paper clearly describes the differences between thermal transfer and direct thermal printing, and charts the strengths and weaknesses of both technologies. Detailed explanations reveal the key issues to consider when deciding the most suitable technology for your label printing and/or print and apply application.
  5. White Paper: Portable Printing On The Move
    Advancements in mobile computing and wireless communication technologies have made it easier than ever to un-tether the workforce from fixed workstations and offices. At many companies with a highly mobile workforce, label or receipt printing has typically been conducted via "sneakernet" — workers return, again and again, to a stationary printer at a central workstation. The solution: let the worker take the printer with them. By Peter Fullerton, Director of Product and Applications Development, SATO America, Inc.
  6. Benchmarking The Perfect Order: A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Perfect Order In The Retail Industry

    In today's competitive retail environment, the success of the retailer-supplier relationship is integral to improving margins for retailers. However, a recent study of the retail industry, commissioned by the Retail Compliance Council, reinforces what retailers have been saying for years — that suppliers are still not yet providing retailers with a reliable and consistent source of supply.

  7. Linking Vendor Compliance To Retail Profitability

    White Paper: Vendor Compliance To Profit Link

  8. Effective Vendor Compliance Management

    To publish a document outlining the best practices in vendor compliance management, you must first start with the company that invented it or if not invented it, certainly perfected it. This company is, of course, Wal-Mart. Their science of supply chain management has forced vendors to increase the predictability of their supply or face chargebacks that border on being punitive and excessive. Their philosophy on vendor relations and vendor accuracy has allowed the company to achieve impressive growth and profits.

  9. New POS Solution Helps Grove Snacks Simplify And Streamline Operations
    Grove Snacks, Inc. needed a workforce management system that would identify working employees, capture their time and attendance information, and transfer the information to a payroll system. Submitted by Retail Anywhere
  10. POS Software: Spirits Unlimited Implements POS Solution To Handle Special Requirements Of A Beverage Alcohol Retailer
    Spirits Unlimited has found success with a proven liquor store solution from Retail Anywhere. Their specialized requirements have been met and the new system provides the functionality needed to abide by the laws of the State of New Jersey. With the new solution in place, Spirits Unlimited is prepared and excited to see their business grow. Submitted by Retail Anywhere