Articles From Integrated Solutions For Retailers

  1. Workforce Management | 2017 IRT Retailer Innovation Awards

    Luxottica Group has a reputation for its considerable ongoing investment in the training and development of its associates and the quality of its work environment. With store associates playing such an important role in providing a consistently excellent shopping experience, the company needed to provide team members with a single place to view corporate communications, employee training direction, onboarding processes, tasks, and performance metrics.

  2. An Ongoing Workforce Issue: Making Millennials Stay

    You’ve read time and again that Millennials want to be aligned with companies that value and promote work/life balance as well as maintain an ethical social conscience and an unwavering commitment to philanthropy. Yet Millennials have a reputation for being flight risks when it comes to their jobs. So, beyond a flexible schedule and an altruistic work environment, what else is there? What are some other things retailers can do to make ‘em stay?

  3. Retail Tech Spending 2016

    As the groundwork for enterprisewide data visibility falls into place, a game of connect-the-data dots is playing out in stores.