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Sustainable Retailing Today Sustainable Retailing Today: 2012 Green Retailing Report

For today’s retailer, sustainable retailing means encompassing supplier management, brand management, the customer experience — and the bottom line.

Sustainability is an overarching concept that is changing the way business is done. In fact, sustainability is touching all aspects of business including packing, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution. Until recently, however, sustainable retailing had been restricted to environmental issues and planet stewardship. While environmental impact and planet stewardship are important issues, the lifeblood of retail is profit. The hurdle for many retailers is finding buy-in for something that may give you a warm feeling but may not move the needle as it relates to sales and marketing. However, a growing number of retailers are seeing the opportunities for increased profits and cash flows via sustainable retailing. Today, sustainable retailing goes beyond green packaging and carbon footprint reduction, encompassing supplier management, brand management, and even customer experience. Today’s green retail movement must also move the bottom line.

Tech Spending 2013: Mobile Makes Its MarkTech Spending 2013: Mobile Makes Its Mark

From assortment planning to returns management and all points between, mobile devices are fast becoming the retailer's indispensable multi-tool.

Yes, mobile computing is a recurring theme in findings from this year's retail tech spending report. This, however, is not another report about mobility. Rather, it's a report on the technologies and operations solutions in which retailers will invest in 2013, with some retrospective commentary on the 2012 events that are driving these investment decisions. It just so happens that for the first time since we began our annual tech spending preview in 2009, mobile devices and mobile application access are playing a profound and cross-disciplinary role in how retail technology and solution budgets are being shaped. We'll highlight that role as we explore the findings of our annual retail technology spending survey here.

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  • How To Use The Holiday Shopping Season To Bond With Your Customers
    How To Use The Holiday Shopping Season To Bond With Your Customers

    Unlike websites, stores can inspire their customers into loyalty with a single shopping experience. Great store brands capitalize on the holiday shopping season to build brand bonds with the power to extend well beyond January. Retail brands that will win this holiday season — and the rest of the year — employ many of the following strategies. By Deb Gabor, founder, Sol Marketing

  • Why AI Isn't The Be-All And End-All Of Retail And Data Is
    Why AI Isn't The Be-All And End-All Of Retail And Data Is

    Everywhere you look companies are talking about using artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, or virtual assistants as part of their ecommerce strategy. More often than not, these types of technologies are still in the “hype” phase: a lot of speculation, but not much implementation. By Jason Woosley, SVP Product and Technology, Magento

  • Email Marketing: How Top Retailers Fare When It Comes To Effectiveness
    Email Marketing: How Top Retailers Fare When It Comes To Effectiveness

    Email remains one of the most valuable marketing tools for today’s retailers. In fact, most can tell you that if they stop sending emails, their sales will drop, and most watch their subscriber churn rates very closely. But beyond these measures, there’s been no real way to holistically view the general practices that can make or break a retailer’s email strategy — until now. By Nikki Baird, Managing Partner, RSR Research







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