From The Editor | September 26, 2013

ASIS 2013 — Video Steals The Show Again


By Bob Johns

Bob Johns, Robert Johns, associate editor

Cloud-based solutions, remote viewing, and cross-operational benefits show retailers where the ROI is right now.

As a retail editor, it is always interesting attending the ASIS International annual conference. You get to see everything from guard dogs to manhole cover locks; bulletproof vests to security guards. However, the big thing for retail this year, like last, is video. IP video, video in the cloud, and analytics ruled at ASIS 2013.

This year started off with a press event with Sony Electronics unveiling its cloud-based video surveillance solution, IPELA Cloud. The solution is serviced by Next Level’s NextConnect Video, which uses a unique peer-to-peer technology to connect authenticated users directly to the camera, rather than through a router. It also allows for multiple user viewing through the cloud, where the video is stored in the cloud enables full HD viewing by multiple clients simultaneously.

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