News Feature | July 5, 2017

Cin7 Releases One-Click Integration With Walmart Marketplace

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

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Integration provides new level of flexibility and reach for sellers.

Cloud-based inventory management provider Cin7 has announced the integration of its product suite with the Walmart Marketplace. Walmart Marketplace is an invitation-only, professional seller community with more than 110 million unique visitors per month that enables sellers to leverage the power of the world’s largest retailer, with their items appearing on alongside those being sold by Walmart and other marketplace sellers.

The Walmart Marketplace invites serious retailers and brands to participate that provide “first-class customer service, a compelling product assortment, competitive pricing and fast, reliable fulfillment.” Walmart charges no setup, subscription, or monthly fees to participating sellers, but it does charge a referral fee for every sale.

On the Marketplace, sellers maintain control over key aspects of their business such as inventory, retail pricing, fulfilment and customer care. Cin7 users can now connect their Walmart Marketplace account to the Cin7 system for seamless order processing and inventory synchronization. They can download orders to Cin7, update stock levels from Cin7 to Walmart, and insert or update customer details from Walmart to Cin7.

"The Walmart Marketplace offers a tremendous opportunity for multi-channel sellers seeking additional flexibility and reach," said Cin7 Founder and Chief Architect Danny Ing. "We are very pleased to bring this significant resource into the Cin7 portfolio of integrations to help manage the complexities of multi-channel supply chain management."

Users on Cin7 can "click-and-connect" to activate the integrations and seamlessly implement a real-time, full-view inventory and supply chain management solution. Cin7 is integrated with supply chain solutions including accounting solutions, eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, retailers, logistics and shipping providers, and sales, marketing and payments applications.

Cin7 is an all-in-one, cloud-based inventory solution that provides real-time visibility, control, and reporting to manage inventory from one end of the supply chain to the other.