From The Editor | June 14, 2013

Does Mobile POS Kill The Benefits Of Exception Reporting?


By Bob Johns

Bob Johns, Robert Johns, associate editor

Well, NRF-LP 2013 just wrapped up in San Diego, and it is interesting to see how things are changing in the world of retail. Analytics was again a huge topic for LP executives trying to secure budgets by showing the cross-operational benefits. Aside from analytics, the other major area of interest is mobility. From developing a strategy for BYOD to tracking purchases made via mobile POS (mPOS), mobility is a major concern for retailers.

Most stores do not have 100% camera coverage, yet they are deploying mPOS that can be used anywhere in the store. What good does that camera mounted over the cashwrap do when the transaction takes place in the back corner of the store? What about exception reporting? How can you link video to the exception when you don’t know where on the floor the transaction took place? Are you going to spend a ton of time scouring video to find the right camera angle to view the suspect transaction? This really seems to defeat one of the big benefits of IP video, the ability to go right to the video clip associated with the exception event.

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