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Designed for  the most complex, enterprise-wide labor management environments, EmpowerWFM delivers true workforce optimization in real-time via a suite of flexible integrated solutions, including budgeting, forecasting scheduling, and powerful analytics.

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  • Budgeting gives you the power to coordinate a workforce labor plan within the constraints of an established budget.
  • Forecasting uses proven mathematical models and tools to accurately construct sales and labor plans.
  • Scheduling generates wall-to-wall schedules in minutes for even the largest organizations.
  • Single application dashboard provides management team insights for informed, real-time decisions.
  • Mobile solutions enable your employees with complete access to schedules and more, via IOS or Android devices.

Create the most consistent retail experience possible, while controlling labor expense, improving customer service, and maintaining legal compliance. With EmpowerWFM, you leverage the most powerful and innovative workforce management technology to improve productivity and profitability.

Download The EmpowerWFM Request For Proposal (RFP) Template
This RFP Template is designed to capture the baseline requirements commonly reflected in most retail and grocery operations. The tool is editable to allow tailoring for any unique requirements specific to your organization.