How Mobile Helps JetBlue Take Off

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Bob Johns

JetBlue’s Jonathan Stephen

A conversation with JetBlue’s Jonathan Stephen

JetBlue is built on providing an exceptional customer experience. A large part of the company’s success relies on the mobile customer experience, since most of the consumer interactions take place away from home. Here we ask Jonathan Stephan, head of mobile and emerging technologies at JetBlue, a few questions about his approach to mobility and how it works for all types of retail.

You have mentioned loyalty many times in your RAMP presentations. How does mobility help create customer loyalty?

Well, I came to JetBlue in 2011 to specifically work on mobility in the company. We work on the mobile site, mobile apps, emerging platforms, and operational programs like mobile boarding passes.  The first thing we had to understand is the “travel ribbon,” which encompasses the various stages of the travel purchase. In the discovery phase, customers are looking for destinations and pricing. They need access to data including pricing and availability, and many times they need this in a mobile setting. Searches are not just done at work or home. They can be done when waiting in line at the grocery store or while getting your hair done. All of the tools customers need to make a travel decision must be available on the mobile site as well as the full site, or you risk losing the customer to another search or competitor. This is your first interaction with the potential customer, and is the first place to start building the loyalty foundation. We have a product called JetBlue Getaways that allows customers to read about destinations and to book all-in-one packages.

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